Program Complete

The TREAT Program is complete. This website is scheduled to be archived and disabled by July 1, 2020. Please contact with any concerns or questions.

The TREAT program Rocks!

This is what we are doing:


We are looking for a new postdoctoral fellow to join our team!

Be the one to find out crucial information about lipedema that improves the lives of millions of women.

You can find out more and apply here:

We Welcome People with Lipedema and Other SAT Disorders

Through education, our undergraduate students, medical students, residents, fellows, staff, and faculty, provide a welcoming environment where lipedema and other SAT disorders are known. We are focused on lipedema SAT to find out what makes lipedema SAT different – what makes it resist weight loss from therapies including bariatric surgery, anorexic diets and over-exercise, what makes it hurt, and why does it get out of control causing lymphedema in some women and not others. The Medical Imaging Group consisting of Drs. Diego Martin, Bobby Kalb, Russell Witte and Hina Arif who are focusing on imaging lipedema SAT for diagnosis and assessment of underlying pathophysiology, and so that we can follow changes before and after treatment.

Research Dedicated to Lipedema and Dercum's Disease

Our physicians attract hundreds of patients with Lipedema, Dercum’s Disease, Familial Multiple Lipomatosis and Madelung’s Disease and we are honored to work with each and every one of them as part of research under the TREAT program.  


This means we’ll study the entire individual from genes, to proteins, to cells and their products, to hormones and tissues. We are unsure how environment, genes and signaling pathways affect these disorders. Extensive study will help us figure it out. 


The UA has equipment and expertise to study Lipedema at a genetic level. We will study a gene candidate for Dercum’s Disease and support others in the quest for the Lipedema gene.   Increasing these efforts might help us pinpoint genes or pathways that lead to these disorders. Knowing those pathways could lead to more effective treatments! 

Assess the Effectiveness of Treatments

We’ll use TREAT as a platform to test what treatments work and which ones don’t. These include medications and supplements, manual therapies and more.

Train the Next Generation

Training a cohort of SAT disorder conscious students and faculty will set the stage for wider awareness locally, nationally, and internationally. During their time here they’ll also gain valuable experience and provide support that keeps research and care moving forward. 

Spread the Word

We’ll design a conference dedicated to educating healthcare providers on diagnosing and caring for people with Lipedema and other SAT disorders. We also plan to create a suite of video and written materials with important protocols for care. These materials will spread the word to the greater healthcare community.  Please check out our Education page for more details.

Listen to People with SAT Disorders

We learn from our patients and research participants as they learn from us.  We value input and ideas as we know that no one has better insight about SAT disorders than someone living with a SAT disorder.