Participate in Research, Donate Tissue, Donate Saliva for DNA, Upload Genetic Data and Calculate your BMI

1. Participate in research

We need women with lipedema (painful fat on the arms and legs) to participate in research to help us find a cure for this disease that affects millions of women. 

Lipedema fat is painful and makes it hard to lose by diet, exercise and even bariatric surgery which is not ok!

We really need women who do not have lipedema to participate in our research study.

Women without lipedema are the control or comparison population that we need to match to women with lipedema.  

We are now enrolling in a study for liposuction of fat for control women with some excess fat on the abdomen and thighs. 


To participate:

Compensation for time and travel is provided for controls.


2. Donate Tissue (Skin and Fat) to the TREAT Program

Consider donating tissue samples to move research forward on fat disorders

The TREAT Program Biorepository accepts the following samples:

  • Skin and fat punch biopsies in a slide, paraffin, block or formalin
  • Lipomas in formalin or frozen
  • Liposuction aspirate
  • Resin embeded samples for electron microscopy
  • We collaborate with multiple investigators to better understand Lipedema and Dercum's Disease so your donation will be put to good use.


3. Donate a saliva sample for DNA.

Samples of DNA allow us to check for mutations in genes that we think might be important in fat disorders.

  • Email the TREAT Program:
  • Provide your name, address, phone number and email.
  • We will mail you a a consent form and a saliva sample kit.
  • Follow the directions for the saliva sample. 
  • Mail back the saliva sample and the consent form (it is a good idea to keep a copy of the consent form for yourself).
  • Include a family tree.  See an example of how to do that here:
  • Our address: 1501 North Campbell Avenue, Room 6408, Tucson, Arizona, 85724

4. **Donate your genetic data to improve our understanding of fat disorders**



4. Calculate your BMI

Supplied by BMI Calculator USA

Thank you!!!  You make a difference!